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Organizing Bundle

Organizing Bundle

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This notepad bundle includes the This is the Day Notepad, For the Week Notepad & On the Menu Notepad. It is designed to help you focus and get more accomplished with your day, week & meal planning! 
You can also choose if you want a magnet to stick on the back of the notepad. Three will be included for each notepad, so you can put then on the fridge or any magnetic surface. Stick the adhesive side of the magnet to the back, top, center of the notepad.

Each Notepad:
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Paper: 70 lb. Paper Uncoated
Sheets Per Pad: 100
Padding: Padded with Cardboard Back
All orders ship 1st Class.
Print colors may vary depending on your screen and printer.

This is the Day Sections:
- Date
- Dwell On: What are you dwelling on? "Whatever you think about the most will grow" Dr. Caroline Leaf. So make sure you are dwelling on something that will build you up!
- Water Intake
- Exercise
- Dinner
- Household Chores
- Appointments
- Act of Kindness
- Notes

For the Week Sections:
- Days of the Week
- Notes

On the Menu Sections:
- Dinner: Days of the Week
- Breakfasts
- Lunches
- Snacks

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