To Make May Day Baskets:

  • Take any paper you have at home. I used Kraft wrapping paper and cut it to be close to 8.5x11.
  • Wrap the paper into a cone shape and staple into place. I also glued the bottom if it stuck out.
  • Punch a hole on either side of your basket at the top.
  • Take string and tie it around each hole to hold your bag up.
  • Extra step if you want: I colored some beads and added them to the string and painted the beads with nail polish!
  • Cut your flowers to size for your basket and then put them in a plastic bag with some water. Use a rubber band (or plastic hair ties if you are like me and don't have a rubber band) to wrap around the top of the bag so water does not escape easily. *It will still escape if you tip it upside down or sideways though.
  • Stick your flowers into the basket making sure to hide your plastic bag.
  • Add your tag with tape or a clip!

Enjoy this FREE May Day Tag Printable to Download & print at home! This print out has 6 3x3 tags on a letter size PDF. Print these out and attach them to your May Day baskets to pass out to family & friends! Please share your photos and tag @hellojoyco on Instagram or using #hellojoyco.

Happy May Day!!!


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