Letters to Santa...

It's Thanksgiving Break and the perfect time to make sure your kids fill out their letters to Santa!!! My kiddos did last night and I'll show you all the things they're asking for this year! But first, be sure to get this FREE Letter to Santa here!

Download the Letter to Santa

Now to get to my kiddos letters!

I want to point out that in the "Some good things I did this year are:" they ALL put that they asked Jesus into their hearts! It all happened this week and last! I'll talk more about that in another post later! :) So for Christmas, my husband and I made a deal with Santa that he can bring them 3 gifts and we have to approve those gifts with him. He only gets 3 because he doesn't get all the credit for what they get under the tree & it helps the budget!! ;) Which as you'll see starts to get more expensive the older they get!


  1. Black UGG Slippers
  2. Lululemon Black Pants
  3. A Heated Blanket


  1. Call of Duty Cold War Disk
  2. My Own Computer because I can make Bibles and play Roblox
  3. Robe and Slippers and make them both comfy please. Thank you!!!
  4. If not Computer a Suit or Tuxedo but make it black clothing.


  1. A Dots Lego
  2. Gizmo watch
  3. A Hoverboard
  4. Backup for Gizmo is Fitbit or Starwars Legos

I hope you enjoy doing this with your children!

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