Valentine's Day Craft

This is a fun craft to do for Valentine's Day! You more than likely have all the supplies already so that makes for a cheap and fun gift to give anyone. We actually made this for Erik to surprise him while he was in Dallas working. He love it so much! Way more personal than a standard greeting card you buy at the store...and much cheaper! :)


- super glue
- construction paper (thick weight)
- non-toxic paint or crayons
- paint brushes


  • Take the paper you plan to use for the "this much" part: cut the paper the size you will need for it to span horizontally then fold it in half. Make a small fold at the two ends (this is what will attach to the hands). Then fold the strip in half again and again to make places for the 8 letters. Refolded the folds to zig zag for when the hands pulled apart.
  • Painting/Drawing: Paint or draw the words "this much" like in the photos provided. Then on a new piece of construction paper (thicker weight if you have it) have the kiddos make hand prints with the paint (we tried this it was unsuccessful), finger paint or if you have crayons...color the paper.
  • Trace the kiddos hands onto the colored paper and cut out.
  • Paint/Draw the "I Love You" and their names on the hands.
  • Then take the "this much" strip and super glue it to each hand.
  • You've just created a really cute Valentine's Day gift!
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