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THINK OF OTHERS FIRST is such an important lesson that not only my children need to learn, but also myself. We are born with a natural tendency to think of ourselves first. When we are constantly on our minds we keep thinking of what will make us happy and fill us up, but ultimately it just gives way to more selfishness. Like a never-ending cycle until you choose to break it and form new habits. Thinking of others first brings so much joy and peace, it improves our relationships, our lives, and the way we view the world. It's selfish vs. selfless. Being selfless doesn't mean that we put ourselves aside and never think of our wants and needs, it just means thinking of other people first, before ourselves. It is focusing our mind in the direction of ways to make someone else's day, life or moment better. Living selfless is to live like Jesus. His selfless heart for others, for their needs, for meeting them where they were at, and His ultimate selfless act of laying down His life on the cross for each of us. I pray that this instant download will keep encouraging you in the direction of Jesus and help you in forming a selfless habit. xx

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