Pinecone Garland

I love pinecones! So this DIY project was a definite favorite. I originally created the pinecone garland for my cousin's bridal shower but it is definitely something I am going to leave up in my house year round!
It's so easy to do...he's all the supplies & steps:


spray paint
hot glue gun and sticks


1. Decide on your pinecones colors
2. Spray Paint your pinecones
3. Line up your pinecones in the order you want displayed for your garland
4. Get your twine ready...leave a lot of twine on both ends so you will be able to tie it up
5. Place a dot of hot glue toward the top of the pinecone and press your twine into the glue
6. Wrap the twine around the pinecone hiding it toward the center of the cone
7. Then finish it by overlapping the twine with the original hot glue dot
8. Pull the twine tight around the pinecone
9. Add another dot of hot glue if needed on top the overlap
10. Repeat for each pinecone.
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