Over the weekend...

We went to Trader Joe's for some goodies! I love getting wine, snacks, flowers, etc.

I got a bouquet of fresh flowers for $3.99...every home needs them! :)

We searched for patio furniture...I found this at World Market! I LOVE it, but we wanted a dining table along with 2 lounge chairs so this didn't exactly fit what we needed. But I will be going back for some outdoor pillows!

We finally found the furniture we wanted at Lowes.

Our Patio furniture! I cannot believe we didn't buy furniture for the patio until now! I completely changed our whole weekend! We probably spent most of our time outside this weekend!

I also made this delicious dish on Saturday for some friends! My husband requested it, it's his favorite! Seared Scallops with Bacon & Whole-Grain Mustard Rub & Crème Fraîche-Mashed Potatoes...here's the recipe. It takes a bit of time to make but it tastes amazing!

Also over the weekend I did a small Office Makeover...
I have had a really tough time staying in the office to do design work since we never completely finished decorating the room. I would move my computer out to the dining table for a change of scenery and my husband hated when I worked out there cause that usually meant having dinner around the living room on the sofa or chair instead of at the table. One of my hangups about the room was the green wall color and we plan to paint it but just not yet... So here are the minimal chnages I made and I really enjoy the space:
- Added a curtain (I searched all over town for this curtain! It's from Target for $25, I love it so much that I bought some for the dining room too!)
- Bought a lamp, it has a glass base that you can't really see (TJMaxx $40)
- Painted a frame I had yellow to tie in with the gold design in the curtain. I'm going to string rows twine across the frame and pin up the babies artwork. :)
- Angled my desk...I LOVE this angle, I can see everything going on in the room when the kids are in there and I can stare out the window!
- Set up the teepee in a permanent spot! Here is a tutorial on how to make the teepee, every kid needs one!

So now I really enjoy the space and will hopefully not be moving my computer out to the dining room any time soon! :)
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