Our life lately!

Our life has been full, exhausting, humbling & exciting since having a 3rd child! So much fun but not much time for blogging. When I'm not doing something for the kiddos then I am trying to work in my Etsy Shop or clean the house! So blogging has kind of taken a backseat on our busy ride. But I thought I would do a post to let you see what we have been up to lately!

This is how Hudson chose to spend his reading time! I love his little heart...he loves to build with his mega blocks and it is clearly not limited only to blocks. IMG_4372

The "No-Nap" Daze! Also, I discovered a new way for them to travel through the grocery store if the race car cart isn't available. They love sitting down there and letting their feet drag on the floor.


Parktime! We can now go to the park and not need an extra person to help me with the kiddos! Hudson & Holly can now climb up themselves without a big risk of falling! It is so freeing to not have to rely on help just to go to the playground! IMG_4551

Handholding in the park!


Hudson, Holly & I got out haircut! My sweet friend Emma comes to our house on our day off to cut our hair and color mine as well! She has such a loving and giving heart! Holly was clearly excited...Hudson was a different story! With one hand I have to hold his arms down and with the other I have to hold his head in one spot!


Olivia rolled over from her back to her belly and she isn't even 4 months old (she turns 4 months tomorrow)!!! She also started blowing air berries! She's growing up too fast!


Olivia takes acid reflux medicine and Holly and Hudson decided that their babies needed to take some medicine too!


Hudson cuddling with Olivia. He was having a bad dream so I went in with Olivia and laid her next to him and he snuggled right into her!


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