New Etsy ideas & babies

New Woodland Alphabet...

still have way more letters to design. But I plan to turn these into alphabet cards and poster, etc. If you have any cute ideas of images for more letters let me know. Definite letters I need help with are J, K, U, V, X, & Z. But feel free to mention other letters, I'm open to ideas.
We had to run to the grocery store yesterday since Holly is getting her first tooth and I cannot find the baby orajel anywhere! FYI I bought Teething Tablets and they are miracle workers! I also got an all-natural gel instead of Orajel and it doesn't do anything...wasted $6! But, the babies LOVED riding around in the race car(t). I am so obsessed with them!
This morning they woke up at 7:30am which is an hour earlier than normal. They were still so tired that they just wanted to lay on the kitchen floor while I got their breakfast together. Blankets, Wubbanubs & Sleep sacks...all the essentials for comfort!
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