Nap Time & Bath Time

So this week Holly started standing up in her crib...

Naptime has now consisted of having to go back in every 2 minutes to lay her back down. It is so hard to be frustrated with her though cause she always has such a proud look on her face!

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

So Erik & I are so frustrated with ourselves cause it never occured to us to was our babies in the sink... We have always been doing it in the tub since day 1, I only suggested it last night cause my mom did it at her house and she said they loved watching the water come out of the faucet. It was so much easier! No bending over a tub and having to turn them on their backs and bellies.

If anyone else out there has other parenting advice to give feel free. Maybe inventive ways to cut corners that I never thought of. I am wondering what other things we are doing the "hard" way.

Example: This week we started using our crock pot for every meal cause I have been finding it really hard to get dinner made in the evening & feed the babies. So with the crock pot I get it started during the kiddos first nap and then it makes the house smell delicious by the, win! It's been a huge help!

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