Moving, Settling & Twins

Guess what!!! We bought a house in Parkville, Missouri!

It is such a major blessing to us! My husband and I constantly say to each other "This is our house!"'s such a great feeling!
But needless to say we have been very busy with moving, painting & unpacking...all the while trying to keep up with my crazy, fast growing business! God is so amazingly good and His provision is so evident to us in our lives! Thank you to all off you who have helped support us whether through your relationship or even by purchasing from my shop! We have such thankful, full hearts and are so excited about this new chapter in our lives!

Exciting times for French Press Mornings:

As far as my shop goes...I'm currently catching up on orders, emails, designing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, iPhone Cases & Calendars! There's a lot going on so make sure you keep up with my shop to get the latest items! xx

Here are some recent photos from our past week!

The babies found a new hide-&-seek spot in the kitchen.

Hot summer night spent in a plastic tub of water...meant for them to dip their toys in it, but they had other plans!

Grocery shopping snuggles!

Delivering "Get Well" goodies to Grandma!
goodies include:
icy hot (for aches & pains)
EOS Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet
JR Watkins Lavender Hand Creme
hand sanitizer
Our new park! Just down the road from our house. Our mornings now consist of going for a walk in the morning on the trail next to the river and then the kiddos play for a bit afterward at the playground to get out some energy! We seriously are in love with Parkville!
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