Little Fishies

Last night was the babies last swim lesson, which is kind of a relief cause lets be honest...getting them to the pool, changed into their swim suits, into the pool, then to a hot shower, changed into warm clothes, loaded in the car, and then home to eat dinner, is a lot to take in! So it will be nice to have a break from that even if it was only once a week. But here are some pictures to illustrate their fun!
Chowing down on some mashed potatoes before the pool.
My twin brother Steve, he may be rethinking any plans of having more than one kid!
Doing the "Hokey Pokey"
Floating on their backs & cousin time...Hudson & Preston are naturals. Holly isn't completely sure.
Hudson is so proud of himself!
The calm before the storm...she's so cute here.
You would seriously think she's being tortured...she is going through a phase where she hates getting clothes put on her!
And then there is Hudson who couldn't have a care in the world.
Our cute little swimmers all ready to go home!

Love these moments I get to share with these amazing little babies!

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