I have had a very busy couple of weeks so I am a bit behind on my InstaFriday posts, so i thought I would catch up with this one post! :)

This week's Encouraging Wednesday's Free Print to Download!

My husband is out of town stuck in Memphis cause of the snow storm that is about to hit so this is my dinner plans...homemade chicken noodle soup and a glass of red wine!

How great to hear Jesus praised on GMA this morning!

New Post: I Threw a Bridal Shower...

My little Canadian Man! I'm obsessed with his hair!

She's about to learn how to pick up after herself!

My little kitchen helper!

My morning view.

9:am Headed to my moms to set up for the bridal shower tomorrow. I think it's time I get a laptop!

Valentine's Day post on blog!

It's official we have two walkers! And just in time because we got squeaker shoes in the mail!

Lunch time... sliced chicken breast, grapes, steamed cauliflower

Last week's Encouraging Wednesday's Free Print to Download!

My little mechanic!

Cutest little man in the morning!

Making pinecone garland for my cousins bridal shower!

The latest blog I designed!!! Absolutely in love with it! Go check it out, Victoria is such a sweetheart!

Encouraging Wednesdays prints on the fridge with magnet paper! Have you hung any up yet? Click here to see them all.

Another Encouraging Wednesday's Free print to Download.

These babies love avocado on toast almost as much as they love each other!

This was the sweetest thing... they fell asleep during the Super Bowl game and at one point Hudson sleep crawled over to holly to cuddle up closer!

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