This week in photos...

Hudson started walking! It's so adorable cause he gets the biggest grin on his face and he is so proud! He's a month behind Holly but this boy is never in a rush! He is so laid back.

We had delicious Homemade Honey Blueberry Pie! The sugar was replaced with honey...our really good friends always have us over for dinner for amazingly healthy meals, we always leave wanting to change our eating habits. Plus, they are bee keepers so I get all my honey from them! They are such a blessing in our lifes!

Holly muching on a gingerbread cookie.

Hudson cuddling his Daddy.

This photo is hilarious cause this night Erik and I let the babies try some ice cream for the first time and you couldn't give it to them fast enough! You would literally put a spoonful in Hudson's mouth and before the spoon reached the bowl to get more ice cream he was already bouncing up and down yelling for more. So once we put away the ice cream and convinced them it was all gone their Aunt Meghan came into the living room and sat next to me with a bowl of ice cream while I had both babies in my lap. I asked her not to share since they already had enough and they started whaling! It was hilarious. So I got up and put the babies in Erik's lap and snapped this photo. They stopped crying once they forgot about the ice cream.

Hope you had a great week!

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