Our past 2 weeks in photos!
So I completely missed last week so I'm including it! :) Prepare yourself...there is a lot of photos!

It's tough being so cute! Holly LOVES sunglasses, bracelets and hats!

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa's!

Slap happy! They crashed about 10 minutes later in their own cribs!

Newest editions to H&H's life...forward facing car seats and a pack-n-play! (It's crazy that we are just now buying a pack-n-play but it's a necessity since we keep using my parents'.)

15 month shots left them with high fevers and soar thighs. :(

Last weeks Encouraging Wednesday FREE print!

He was pushing the car for her! Yeah teamwork!

Cuddles! Our family is kinda big on that!

FREE print for Easter! Enjoy!

He LOVES to cuddle!

Super Hero Hudson! Every little boy needs a $3 well spent!

He has started a cuddling trend that she is NOT on board with! Poor girl walked into the other room to get away from him!

Learning to color!

Crawling into the TV stand! #monkeyseemonkeydo

Apparently I can't leave a drawer open while cooking in the kitchen!

So excited my baby blog hit 200 followers! :) My Facebook page hit 300! Big week!

Pure joy! Getting eggs ready for Easter!

This weeks Encouraging Wednesday FREE print!

She fell asleep in my arms after reading our bedtime books! This hasn't happened in a long time!

Love those eyes!

Gotta LOVE pasta! What was I thinking...bath to follow!

pasta+peas+sauce = BATH

Great family night! I LOVE my family!!! - that's an understatement!
Have a great Easter weekend!
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