This has been a sweet, creative, fun, stressful week...

Right now Holly is teething and so she has not been sleeping through the night this whole week! And since Hudson shares a room with her he doesn't sleep through the night either. Plus, they're going through a mommy phase so they won't even let Erik hold them when they're upset. So the two pictures below were were taken at midnight on Monday.

Tub time is their FAVORITE!!! They never want out of the tub.

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Holly has recently discovered her belly button. She always poked at Hudson's when they were in the tub or he was getting a diaper change, but now she discovered that she has one too! It is so cute letting her go around the house in just her diaper because she will randomly stop playing with her toys to check out her belly button.

Erik's sisters are coming down from Canada on Monday! One's just visiting and the other is moving here! So excited to see them!!! I love my sisters-in-love! But I've been trying to get the house cute for when they are here and decorated the dining room wall. Let me know what you think. :) Or even if you have more ideas for decorating in your dining room or kitchen that you love. I've been a little stuck with these two rooms.

Holly never really wakes up in the morning especially since she hasn't been sleeping through the night this week. So soon after her morning bottle she's been wanting to go back to bed ASAP. She is only up for maybe an hour! And then takes a 2 hour nap!

I made a teepee! I been thinking about making one for my nephew for Christmas and then I saw on my friend Ashley's blog The Vanilla Tulip that she made one with just things she had in the house. So I looked up a couple tutorials online and combined a few, and went to work. It was easy and didn't take a ton of time I'll post a tutorial hopefully later this weekend. But Hudson and Holly LOVE it! Especially the lights! They play in it non-stop. And at the end of the day we've all been laying in there before bed once daddy gets home and have quality family time! Who new a teepee could be so awesome! It is now an essential for any home we live in!

Okay now onto the stressful part of my week. Yesterday I was getting a large shipment together for a sale I did on Mini Social and was just about to leave to make it to UPS on time when I walked in the kitchen and noticed the "O" magnet on the ground. I then realized I couldn't find the "V". I turned the kitchen inside out looking for it and then then thought one of the babies possibly devoured it. :( No clue though cause Holly is ALWAYS making gagging noises cause she must have an easy gag reflex...all she has to do is put her finger in her mouth! PLUS, right now both babies are putting EVERYTHING in their mouth! I'm constantly pulling leaves out! So anyway, I called my sweet friend Brianna for advice and she gave me signs to watch for. Thank you so much Brianna, you're the best nurse EVER!
So stressful!!!

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