This week was so crazy that I didn't even get time to take a lot of photos...but I'm so glad you were able to stop by! Feel free to follow my blog to keep up on everything that is going on here at French Press Mornings!

This week...

Hudson fell in love with his tunnel! Holly wasn't really sure about it at first but after a couple times through she's warming up to it. I added an extra photo that wasn't on Instagram so you can see Holly in the tunnel.

We made Chicken Tortilla Soup last say it's an amazing recipe is an understatement. You have To try it! It's perfect on a cold winter night. (Or even a hot summer day it's that good!)
Click here for the recipe!

And this week I started offering blog design to make all of your blogs more beautiful! From changing your whole blog to just touch ups, I would love to work with you. Click here to find out more information or check out my Etsy shop for more information!

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