Holly & Hudson!

Hudson has a problem! He only bites his cousin Preston! We don't understand it! We have now trained Preston to run from Hudson when he starts going for him!

We went to Union Station to see the train exhibit! Holly and Hudson loved it! And Holly wanted to be down walking the entire time! She is officially walking everywhere!

We went to the doctor for Hudson's crazy cough! He scared us a bit this morning cause his cough went on forever and couldn't catch his breath!

We found out Hudson has the early stages of RSV plus a double ear infection! Poor guy! He's getting a ton of cuddles and TLC!

On New Year's Eve my amazing husband grilled steaks since he knows it's my favorite! We planned to go out for dinner but Hudson got RSV so we didn't want to be those people who exposed everyone to it! So we bought our own steaks and grilled at my mom' was a cozy night with my mom, brother's family and my family! Erik was out by 9:30! Party pooper!

This week I started a new thing with the New Year! Encouraging Wednesdays! I am designing a new print for you to download and put up in your home or work to add an extra dose of encouragement to your day!
Click here to learn more about it or to download the print!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to follow my blog to keep up on the latest at French Press Mornings and to get a dose of encouragement on Wednesdays!

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