How to make a TeePee

I got super excited to make a teepee. When I was a kid, my twin and I always built blanket forts, and I started to notice that my babies love when you put the blanket over your head and theirs. So I thought my babies may be too young for a teepee since they are only 11 months but I was completely wrong! They absolutely LOVE it! They are playing in it as I am writing this. And now I am a firm believer that everyone NEEDS a teepee in their home. So here is what I did to make my teepee. I had to redo some things but it's a learning process. I got twine but next time I will probably get something a little more sturdy cause it broke where I had strung it between the bamboo two different times when I was spreading out the sticks. It still holds though, it's currently broken but I wrapped the twine around the whole thing enough that it still works.


Queen or King size Flat Bed Sheet (with a fun pattern!) 4 Garden Sticks or Bamboo Sticks Power Drill w/ Drill Bit Cord/Rope or Twine (I used twine and it wasn't strong enough) Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Safety Pins Scissors Christmas Lights Pillows & Blankets


King Size Bed Sheet $15 at Walmart (or go to a thrift store to get them cheaper) Bamboo Sticks $2.98 each at Lowes Twine was about $3.00 at Lowes Hot Glue Gun $3 at Walmart Glue Sticks $1.50 at Walmart


  1. Drill a hole 10" from the top of your garden or bamboo stick.
  2. Thread the cord through each hole and then tie in a know. Proceed to wrap the cord around all 4 sticks together to make it extra sturdy, then tie it off again.
  3. Drape the bed sheet over the sticks while they are standing straight up and have the center of the bed sheet at the top of the sticks.
  4. Make a small cut into the bed sheet when it is over the sticks, not too big, just large enough to fit over the sticks.
  5. Spread out your sticks so they are evenly spaced making a square shape for the teepee.
  6. Have each corner of the bed sheet line up with a stick. Then on the 2 back sticks wrap the sheet underneath and make the bed sheet as tight as possible, then secure it with a safety pin.
  7. Take your hot glue gun and hot glue the sheet to the stick by running the glue down the stick starting at the top.
  8. Then do the same for the 2 front sticks. You will have extra bed sheets on the side of the teepee.
  9. Once you are done glueing the front sticks then you will fold back/overlap the extra sheet securing with safety pins toward the back of the teepee. Make it so that all walls are as tight as possible.
  10. The Door: In the front of the teepee find the center of the fabric between each stick, start at the bottom of the fabric and make a slit that goes up 2/3 of the teepee.
  11. Decorate with Christmas lights, banner, pillows and blankets.
  12. Enjoy!
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