Family Fishing Adventure

Trout Fishing

We recently my parents took us on a family fishing trip for the weekend. It was so nice to get out of town! And it was really nice to be together as a family! Even if a two bedroom cabin started to get a little small for all of us...
My sister-in-law and I did get an escape for a bit. We took a trip to a nearby bait shop that also had groceries to get butter, we also treated ourselves to a can of Dr. Pepper & Coke. The few minutes away really was relaxing.
Erik LOVED fishing, when he wasn't out on the river it was all he was thinking about! The same for my brother. And they caught their limit of trout everyday and learned some tricks to fishing along the way.
On Saturday morning my mom watched the babies so Erik and I could go on a fishing date. It was so relaxing to get out on the river! Just sang worship songs (quietly, cause my voice isn't the best!) & learned some fly fishing tips from the guy next to me...he probably pulled in 5 fish in a half an hour.
I only got a bite, but I honestly could care less about catching them...just nice to have peace and quiet for a bit!
After a long day of fishing and wagon rides we were all tucked out! This was the outcome of us trying to get our babies asleep...
Preston Reading going through the book with the babes.
Everytiime we went outside we had to bundle the babies up cause it was actually cold! I love the excited for winter. But anyways, Holly looked extra cute and chubby so I had to document it.
Hudson is such a lovey...he was giving his Uncle Steve eskimo kisses.

Wagon Rides!!!

Family Photos

My adorable nephew Preston!

Thank you Mom & Bill for the trip out of town! xoxo

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