Encouraging Wednesdays ... You, Darling, can do hard things!

"You, Darling, can do hard things!"

I have a BEAUTIFUL friend who is going through something hard right now! And as I say this I can think of another off of the top of my head so this is truly for EVERYONE because life is not always easy! I know that my friend has the strength & ability to get through it with ease. Our God will never give us more than we can handle so when we find ourselves in the middle of a storm then we should thank Him because He knows that we are strong enough to weather it! Our trials are an opportunity for us to learn just how capable God has made us! He never promised life would be easy but He did promise that He would never leave us! So YOU DARLING, CAN DO HARD THINGS! Because our God is right there with YOU! Step up to the challenge and come out of this trial on top, because He knows you’re capable! 🙌🏻Thank you God for hardships so we can grow in strength & character. So we can overcome and go on to encourage and help others in their trials! Thank you for Your love that is abounding and covers us! And thank you for your grace that runs to the deepest parts of our being! We praise you in the storm & lift our heads to You who is the ultimate healer & redeemer! Amen!

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My hope is that you download this file and place it where ever you will see it on a daily basis. You can even print it magnet paper to stick it on your fridge! The download is a 4x6 pdf.
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