Encouraging Wednesdays ... A Year From Now

"Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now!"

Today’s TRUTH is about a journey! A journey that I am embarking on and I would love to take YOU with me! At the end of 2021 I want to look back and find myself FREE!

Free from the chains that weigh me down. Free from guilt & shame. Free from the mondain/laziness of not living intentionally. Free from excuses of not making things happen. Free from the selfishness of “what about me”. Free from defeat. Free from victim mentality.

This all plagues us at one time or another, or sometimes we even choose to live in it for years. But enough is enough! It’s time that we take our lives back! I will be embarking on this journey of living more intentionally and becoming free from the things that hold me back, because God has called me & you to MORE and He has SO MUCH MORE in store!

I will be sharing what I’m doing along the way on this path to freedom to encourage you on yours as well! (Precursor, you will be hearing A LOT of what I’m learning from the Bible & @drcarolineleaf … she’s AMAZING & LOVES the Lord!)

So, peace out 2020! Time to live intentionally in 2021! Let’s do this!

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