DIY Fall Hoop Wreath

This DIY Fall Hoop Wreath is the PERFECT decor for your home this season! And you can make it in no time!

I purchased all of the items for this project at Hobby Lobby. Easy Peasy!

What you will need:

2 Large Hoops 2 Large Packages of Baby's Breath Floral 5 bunches of Wheat Floral 2 Stems of Feathers Twine Stem Tape Scissors Wire Cutters Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks


  1. Lay out the floral on your hoop the way you would like it to look. First lay down the baby's breath, then add in the wheat and accent with the feathers.
  2. Once you have the look the way you want it remove the wheat and feathers.
  3. Start using the scissors and cutting the baby's breath stems into larger bunches & smaller stems.
  4. Hot glue the baby's breath to the hoop. Add the smaller stems to fill in spots.
  5. Then take the wheat and fan it out. Use the stem tape and wrap it around the bottom of the wheat where you want it to connect. Clip off the extra stems with the wire cutters.
  6. Hot glue the wheat into the hoop under the baby's breath so that the tape is hidden.
  7. Take your feather and hot glue them into the spots you'd like!
  8. Hot glue the end of the twine to the backside of the hoop at the top, then wrap the twine around as wide as you would like. Cut the twine when you have it as wide as you would like and hot glue the end.
  9. A great way to display these is on the wall overlapping each other!

See each step below!

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