California: a Winery Wedding & a Vacation with Hudson

For this trip I took Hudson with me, a lot of factors played into it...
...we could only afford one ticket. sister-in-law could only watch one kiddo while Erik was at work since she is 37 weeks pregnant.
...Holly gets along with my nephew really well.
...Holly is SUPER independent and didn't know how that would mix with sitting on the plane.
...Hudson loves cuddles. :)

We had to say "Good-bye" to Erik & Holly in the was very hard but it was really adorable because she kept yelling "Bye" the whole time I was going through security! And I gave Hudson one of his 4 presents before we boarded the plane. He LOVES Elmo! chips are a life saver for a toddler! And even better if the cup can come with a lid for shaking!
He slept for 2 hours!
Dinner at 10:pm in bed!/; (midnight Missouri time)

Hearst Castle

We stopped and saw the ocean & Elephant Seals down the coast from Hearst Castle.

The Wedding at Zenaida Cellars Winery
This event was what this trip was all about! This was by far one of the most gorgeous & personally detailed wedding I have ever been to! For instance they had a marriage banner up with wedding photos of those at the wedding. It was so sweet to see Erik & I on our wedding day!
And my gorgeous cousin married such an amazing man who fits her perfectly!

Hudson was gulping down Iron Man...but really he had milk! :)
The winery was amazing and the barrel room was so fun for Hudson to explore!
The ceremony was beyond words...the pastor was so personal with their relationship...I LOVED every minute! Actually I tear up every time I watch this video of her walking down the aisle with her dad!
IMG 7869 from Jenny Stewart on Vimeo.

Little Hudsy passed out right when the music started and slept for probably 1 1/2 hours.
The food was the best I've ever tasted! And they had milk & cookies for dessert! Plus, the table marker for each person was a wine stopper with a personal photo on it! (My photo was Hudson & Holly after one of their swim lessons.) personally detailed!

Hudson's First Trip to the Beach at Morro Rock
He had mixed emotions...
...he LOVES water and would be upset when the waves would go back out.
...the water rushed in so fast and it was cold.
...he didn't want to get out of the water when it was time to go.

Watch Hudson's first trip to the beach!
{Warning...the wind & waves are loud.}
P6010026 from Jenny Stewart on Vimeo.

Hudson & his newest bestie Jax!
Grandma & Hudson meeting the waves!

Eating fish tacos on the pier!

We stopped off at an Avocado Farm!

Then Hudson and I flew back at 6:am! Poor little guy was so worn out he slept through the layover in Phoenix and woke up for only an hour on the flight home. He gets the Toddler of the Year Award for being such a good traveler!

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