Our Life Lately...

So our life has been crazy lately! With trying to keep up on Etsy orders, chasing toddlers, colds & just being in my 3rd trimester I haven't had time to post many photos! But I woke up at 5:30 this morning with my husband and thought I would post some photos from our life late! Enjoy!

Their new favorite hiding spot...daddy's closet!

Morning reading & blocks!

At Habitat for Humanity Restore...Our weekends have been filled with remodeling before our little girl arrives in less than 2 months!!!

It was really quiet while I was working one morning and I grew a little concerned until I found this! A couple days later when they were quiet I found them with Vaseline all over their faces...

My sweet friend Alicia treated me to a pedicure & Holly to her first mani/pedi! It was literally the cutest thing! She sat still the whole time and made sure not to mess up her wet nails. To top it off when we were sitting there waiting for our nails to dry she leaned back and gave a big relaxing "sigh"! The best was afterward when we were in the car she was looking at her fingers and said "Thank you Mom!" ps I'm a little concerned for her future husband!

Swimming at the YMCA! They might have loved hiding in the lockers more than actually swimming!

31 weeks! These littles have no idea what is going to happen in a couple weeks!

She LOVES reading & her backpack!

Sidewalk chalk! Teaching shapes, letters & numbers on the driveway!

H&H received a care package from their Great Aunt Pam in Memphis! It was full of movies, fruit pouches & goldfish...all the essentials a toddler loves!

31 1/2 weeks!
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