Meet Olivia Mae Stewart

Happy 1 Month!

Olivia Mae Stewart . Born 6.3.2014 . 8 LB 10 OZ . 21 IN

The delivery was truly the best experience ever! I enjoyed every part of it...even the painful contractions because it was an experience I really wanted to have in my life! With Hudson & Holly I had to have a c-section since Holly was breach, so I'm glad Olivia's delivery didn't turn into another surgery.


Photos left to right: >> Waiting outside the hospital for Erik who was parking the car. >> Enjoying a popsicle while working through contractions. >> She's here! My doctor put her on my chest right after my last push and as she was lying there crying I realized that that moment was one of the best experiences of my life! I turned to my husband and told him that I want another...everyone started laughing saying they had never heard anyone make that statement right after giving birth! Later that night when all of the pain meds had worn off I changed my mind! IMG_2934 IMG_2944 IMG_2967 Photos left to right: >> Hudson & Holly came with my parents to meet Olivia...only issue is they were super tired and Holly didn't understand why I was holding a baby when all she wanted was for me to hold only her. >> Cuddles before they left. >> Visiting their new sister! IMG_2975 IMG_3052 Photos left to right: >> Squishy lips.

This month has been full of firsts!

Here are some of them:

First Bath: She slept while I washed her hair but cried while I washed her body. IMG_3091 IMG_3094 First Road Trip: We traveled to Wichita, KS to celebrate a my friend's sweet little 1 year old! IMG_3208IMG_3215 First Tub Bath IMG_3268 First Trip to the Zoo IMG_3311

Instagram Photos of #oliviamaestewart

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