I'm a day late on my InstaFriday! :) No biggie!

Holly playing with her cousin Preston.

Holly cuddling with her dolly. Pure sweetness!

My sis-in-law who lives with us made us breakfast before church! She even included some French Toast Sticks for the babes and Starbucks! She knows the way to my heart!

Hudson learned how to climb up on the fireplace this weekend! Holly is so proud of him!

Such a cutie!

Holly loves this baby! Her and Hudson keep going up to the baby and give her kisses...which is what they do with newborn babies. The sweetest thing! But apparently we shouldn't let Holly take off with any newborns cause it may end up with her sitting on them. :)

They LOVE Shepherd's Pie! Holly gives it a thumbs up!

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Sleeping together is ALWAYS better! Pack-n-Play love.

Morning cuddles! He cuddled with me for an hour...we put off breakfast. It was worth it!

This kid doesn't need soap and water to get his hair to stand up straight!

All the essentials for my night owl to fall asleep: wubba nub, blanket, dolly & mommy!
This was our week in pictures! Hope you had a great one too!

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