Beaver Lake trip

Our trip was amazing and definitely needed. Erik and I hadn't been on a trip since New Zealand which was 2 months before we were pregnant!

We stayed at a house on Beaver Lake, it had an amazing view and very open floor plan which is now a huge feature we are looking for in our future house floor plan.
We took the babies for their first swim at Beaver Lake which was gorgeous! Holly LOVED the water. She couldn't splash enough! Hudson was a bit hesitant but now splashes around in the bath tub, maybe he just didn't like the lake water being colder than his tub water.
We went to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.
AMAZING architecture.

We went into Eureka Springs to walk around the shops and sipped coffee while we sat in the park. Such a relaxing trip! If you want any details of where we went or stayed just email me and I'll get you all the info.

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