an all-american wedding

One of my Best friends from college got married and I was honored to get to stand up with her at her wedding! I am so happy I got to celebrate the beautiful day with her! Here are some pictures from the weekend wedding at a Seven Springs Winery.

These are the signs I painted for the big day! I'm glad they all turned out amazing...I'm thinking of selling my services on Etsy for this but first I have to find barn wood...

We went and got mani/pedi's on Friday night with all the ladies...Holly joined in. She is officially ALWAYS getting her nails painted for now on!

Brittanie's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L dress! She was gorgeous!

Their first dance. And the band reminded me so much of my best and dear friend who is also a musician in New Zealand, Lauren Wetini. The lead singer is her twin!

Red Velvet Cake accompanied with Root Beer Floats!
Brilliant idea was delicious.

These two girls bring me so much you two!!!

And a huge thank you to Linda for forgoing the wedding and ceremony to watch my twins in the air condition...too hot out for those two. :)

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